Headshots for #Poppiescleaning

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In search of humanity Last week I headed to Manchester to shoot some photographs for @ChrisWootton of #Poppiescleaning . He was running a training day for some of the Poppies franchisees. The brief was……. to produce some informal, relaxed, “headshotty”, “profiley”, blurry background stuff which showcased the decent human being side of the Poppies people. Oh and the pictures would be used for lots of different things but there was no need for any formal stuff. In short we were looking for a bit of “the human”! And that was easy because the people were nice – all of them. I only seem to work with nice people……. We brought each of them out of the training sessions for around 10 minutes each and some of the results were as shown in the featured slideshow. Feedback was as follows – and I quote…….. “one of our presenters, whom you fitted in last minute, was particularly delighted and described you as “absolutely cracking– unbelievable high-quality photographer – absolutely marvellous – extremely talented” – great news that I think we all share”. That might be over-egging the pudding just a little but I was happy with the shots and I enjoyed the people and the session. #videoproduction#manchester#london#liverpool

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