Levi Tefari

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I bumped into Levi Tefari, renowned Liverpool poet last Saturday in front of Lime St. station. I was on the streets in the sunshine, bothering people with my camera and he was involved in a gathering about the Windrush Scandal. I met Levi for the second time (and his wife Carol) last summer down by the waterfront. I met him for the first time about 30 years before that but that’s a story for another day. Anyway Levi, Carol and myself had a lovely chat and I included photographs of them in a project I put out at Christmas. Jump forward 9 months and when I started my 112 Hands photography project I thought it would be great to include Levi. So last Saturday, as well as this cracking portrait I photographed his hands. It all worked out rather nicely – unlike Windrush which is an absolute disgrace with ramifications which are going to run and run.

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