“Never look back”

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A few days ago I posted a pic. of Pam Case with a tiny piece of text from a poster in the background. I mentioned in the post that one of the things I try to do when I am out with the camera is to capture an image of a person with a poster or piece of advertising in the background – to give it a bit of context, meaning, humour or even irony. I always have an eye open for that sort of thing. Today’s picture is a nice example of that – a combination of readiness and good fortune. I was in the grounds of the bombed out church in the centre of Liverpool looking at the statue of the British and German soldiers playing football during a brief truce in WW1 in December, 1914.

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When I lifted the camera and was about to take the shot I noticed that there was a bus going past and I managed to make the picture with it perfectly composed between the two soldiers – Click – I got the shot because I was looking for possibilities and ready for one when it presented itself – well done me.

But I can’t claim any credit for the wording on the bus – “Never look back”. That was pure luck, but as they say good fortune is where readiness and opportunity meet.

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