The most important books ever written

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American Susan S Banks says she became a serious photographer at the age of 60 so there is hope for all of us. She spent a lot of time after that working in Cuba. Her favourite photography books? Well they would be her family photo albums – definitely a lady with her head screwed on. And she doesn’t even own a digital camera. I like one of the quotes she uses –

“You can’t eat hope…….you can’t eat it, but it sustains you” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The most important books ever written for me? I am a bit biased – they would be my fishing diaries that go back to the early 70’s. They provide a day by day account of pretty much every time I have fished over five decades (so I missed the odd session – whatevs….. and going back then the word whatevs. hadn’t even been invented). Very early on I started writing in capital letters to keep it all neater and more legible – A TRADITION I CONTINUE TO THIS DAY if there is no keyboard involved.

One of the most repeated phrases in my diaries –

“Caught nowt, touched nowt, saw nowt – waste of time”. The first three bits may remain true, but looking back it was never a waste of time.

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