Through different eyes

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There are times when as a creative you just have to roll with the reality……..  that you see things that others don’t see or you see them differently.

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely hour and a half photographing a couple of people – 60’s/ 70’s style. Caitlin is beautiful and Mark is a really good looking guy and we all had a great time – relaxed, enjoyable and productive. After the shoot we went our separate ways and I wandered off into the city centre – comfortably tired so I left the camera in my bag, had a cup of coffee and watched the world go by.

As I headed back to the station I spotted what turned into the featured image. It was just sat there having completed its journey and arrived at its final destination.

The colours are subtle and its form is striking – it reminds me a bit of a tie-die pattern which is a nice link to the 60’s theme of an hour earlier – far out, man!

And I ask myself how often a photographer starts with people shots and ends with seagull sh**s.

Artists eh!

Enjoy your weekend.

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