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Video Newsletter for January, 2017

Welcome to the Open Door Multimedia video newsletter for January, 2017.

I hope you had a great time over Christmas and fingers crossed 2017 will be a great year for us all.

Fed up with reading text – just click the white arrow and watch the video. ?

In this video newsletter I look back at half a dozen recent projects I am particularly pleased with. These include work I did with:-

Holywell Care
The Education Media Centre
St.Helens Deafness Resource Centre
The Sefton Suite
Warrington Central Business Club
Wigan Borough Business Club (2 excellent business networking opportunities that I attend on a regular basis).

I also showcase a lifestory / family legacy video that I shot with my sister a couple of months ago.

So all you need to do is click the white triangle and sit back and relax for about 8 minutes.

If you want to see the full versions of any of the projects mentioned, scroll down this page.

Best wishes,


Holywell Care

Education Media Centre

St.Helens Deafness Resource Centre

The Sefton Suite

Business networking opportunities in Warrington

Business networking opportunities in Wigan

Life story / Family Legacy video

People talking, conversations with impact and the power of the story

Newsletter for July, 2016

Hello and welcome to this month’s newsletter from Open Door Multimedia and once again it is going in a very different direction.

It is based on a video featuring a conversation (almost a confessional!) between myself and Tony Lythgoe, a leading North West branding consultant.

I was working with Tony last week filming pieces to camera for one of his clients. During a gap in proceedings we had time for each of us to do our own short pieces to camera and they turned out very nicely. We are both on the same page when it comes to video and passionate about the value of people telling their own stories about “what” they do, “how” they do it and most importantly “why” they do it – sometimes referred to as “The Power of the Why” which I have blogged about in the past.

My own piece lasted just over 20 minutes which is a pretty long film so I don’t expect that everyone will watch it all but I was really happy with it. Thanks to Tony for guiding me through the process.

During the video I pretty much managed to say all I have got to say on what happens when companies and charities start to get involved in promotional video and the additional benefits that they experience, over and above getting a nice promotional tool.

And we also talked about the nuts and bolts of sitting in front of a camera. So definitely worth a look if you are interested in promotional video but a bit nervous about the whole thing.

If you want to check out our portfolio click the following links:-

Camera-shot video


Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Apart from that there is nothing to add except to say have a great summer and I will talk to you soon,


Newsletter for May, 2016

Working with Tony Lythgoe of

I first met Tony at Wigan Borough Business Club around a year ago. He specialises in branding and his presentation at that meeting was about “the power of the story”. At the time I was developing exactly that theme in my own video production work – so in a way we were singing from the same hymn sheet from the outset. Towards the end of 2015 he introduced me to one of his clients, a Cheshire based construction company – so that was a great start. More recently I have worked with him (video and photography) for another of his clients, this time a social care provider in Lancashire. More of this when the project is completed, but it was great to spend a full day with Tony. He knew exactly what he wanted and between us we managed to produced some excellent bespoke stills images and footage.

Hello and welcome to the Open Door Multimedia newsletter for May, 2016.

This month I am featuring:-
A recent project for nxo – a business growth consultancy based in Preston
Some work with Tony Lythgoe, leading Branding Consultant of
A clip from a video for the Deafness Resource Centre in St.Helens
A video testimonial for Open Door Multimedia by Ian Guest of First Step Hypnosis
And a video from last year for Movemaster Removals – as an example of how smaller businesses are using video in their promotional strategies.

So here goes……….

Video Testimonial for nxoBizsource

Repeat business is always the best kind of feedback so it was great to get a call recently from Dan Hollingworth of nxo. They are a team of consultants helping businesses to be the best they can be through culture change, people, brand and communications. Recently the company has launched the nxoBizsource programme which is designed for smaller businesses based in Lancashire who have an ambition to grow. The project I was asked to work on was a video testimonial featuring Ian Watson, Director of Neurocare Physiotherapy, a client of nxoBizsource based in Carnforth. The end result is a stylish project which describes the nxoBizsource programme and explains how it is contributing to the growth of Ian’s company.

Deafness Resource Centre – St.Helens

Working with charities is a bit of a favourite of mine so it was great to film recently with Katy Sheridan at the Deafness Resource Centre in St.Helens. The brief was to produce an information video about the great job that the DRC does in supplying interpreters for Deaf people attending hospital appointments. One of the people featured talked about how many years ago, he had to interpret for his mother when she was told that she needed a Hysterectomy. At the time he was 9 years of age! Thankfully things have moved on enormously since then and interpreters are available via the DRC along with a range of other services for Deaf people.

A video testimonial for Open Door Multimedia by Ian Guest of First Step Hypnosis

Filmed testimonials are a great way of harnessing video in your marketing activity. Powerful but simple to make they are a very cost effective resource for your website and for use in all of your social media. Someone who likes you, what you do and how you do it,  who is prepared to set aside some time to tell other people. In this case it is Ian talking about Open Door Multimedia or me (same thing really). Thanks again to Ian for doing it after I shot several films for him in a morning session. You can contact him via

Promotional video for Movemaster Removals

And before I finish here is another chance to take a look at a video I produced for Stephen McShane of Movemaster Removals last summer. It is a great example of how smaller businesses can use promotional video to describe and explain what they do and get across key messages – in this case trust, convenience and security of your treasured property and possessions when you move home or offices.

That’s all for now. I am off to Scotland next week for 3 days of Salmon fishing. I’ll talk to you when I get back and if I can help you with any promotional video or photography:-

Give me a call on 07795 252797
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