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Howard Jackson of Open Door Multimedia is available for video production London. For example during 2018 he has worked extensively in the capital city with a major social care company with an annual turnover in excess of £250 million.

Rail links between Merseyside and London are excellent. Consequently  filming in the capital city is a viable and extremely cost effective option. Open Door Multimedia has always provided a high quality and affordable video production service in the North West. Recent experience has proved that there is huge potential for businesses and charities to benefit from cost effective video production in London at “Up North” prices. Daily rates are £350 as standard across the UK. In addition low cost travel and accommodation options mean that London based organisations can take full advantage.

Howard made four trips to London in 2018. For example he filmed with Lifeways, a national social care provider. In addition he covered an Annual General Meeting for charity Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK).

A range of bespoke options is available including:-

OPtion 1.Half day filming for Video Production London projects (central London)

Up to 4 hours of filming plus 6 hours of post production – including travel

Filming to run from 2pm to 6pm

£740 (no VAT to be added)

Option 2. Full day filming for Video Production London projects (central London)

Up to 8 hours of filming plus 12 hours of post production including travel and one night’s accommodation in London.

Filming to start from 10am with arrival on site by 9:15am

£1,195 (no VAT to be added).

Video Production London projects for Charities

There is a way for charities to gain even better value for money in video production and photography. They can do this by combining with a partner charity to commission filming in London on two consecutive days. Day 1 for Charity No.1 and Day 2 for Charity No.2. This reduces costs associated with traveling and overnight accommodation by sharing it between the two organisations. By way of example:-

Full day of filming each for two charities plus post production for both organisations, including travel and accommodation

£1,085 (No VAT to be added).

To discuss your own specific needs contact Howard Jackson
07795 252797

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