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Explainer Videos based on Whitebaord Animations
Having a video on a website is widely recognised as the future.
It is quick, easy and accessible and there is strong evidence to show that a video attracts and holds attention far better than text and photographs. To date however there have been two obstacles for the use of video by smaller businesses.
First is the cost and second is a real anxiety amongst business owners and managers about having to sit in front of a video camera and talk.
At Open Door Multimedia I have always produced great value videos and kept the price extremely competitive. I have also worked hard to reduce anxieties and support clients throughout the whole process via advice, guidance, coaching, mentoring………… with some excellent results. But there is still resistance!
That is why Whiteboard Animations are a brilliant low cost option. They offer incredible value and owners and managers can relax because they don’t need to be filmed if they choose not to. Obviously we still encourage companies to commission and take part in conventional video because people buy from people, but now there is a brilliant alternative.
Prices for a Whiteboard Animation start at £300. That includes a logo, some simple bullet point messages and background music. Photographs can also be included if they are provided by the client. More complex animations are available from £450 which include logos, graphic animations, photographs (including access to free stock images and conversion to slideshows) and video footage and voice overs. Our camera-shot videos also continue to be very popular with a sophisticated and beautifully filmed project available for £400 to £700.

Externally sourced professional voice overs are available for an additional charge.

Film No. 1

Promotional film produced for Jamie Rice of the Skill Centre

Whiteboard explainer video for Jamie Rice of The Skill Centre. We have worked with several of Jamie’s clients in 2014/15 and he has been really happy with the videos, animations and photography that we have produced. It seemed a logical step for Jamie to commission his own suite of whiteboard animations from us and here is one of his three projects. Very simple but very effective – valuable real estate for Jamie’s own promotional activities.

Film No. 2

Promotional/ Training Project for Reuben Ash of Promixmo Strategies

Reuben Ash is a very experienced business coach who provides support to small and medium sized enterprises in the North West. He is accredited via the Growth Accelerator scheme and several others and works with a wide and varied client base. He is especially interested in the impact on sales and growth of animated,
whiteboard-type explainer videos. He has his own and is always eager to encourage his own clients to get one too – because he knows how powerful they are. For further details about how you can engage with Reuben contact him via his website www.reubenash.com.

Film No. 3

Promotional Animation for Steve Fairhurst of Regenic in St.Helens

This project features branded fridge magnets which are a great marketing tool. Research indicates that people keep branded magnets on their fridges for between six and 8 years. What other promotional tool has that life expectancy?

Film No. 4

Promotional/ Informational Animation for KeySec24 – based near Wigan

This project was produced for KeySec24 in September, 2014. It has attracted a huge amount of attention for the company, which has plans for further animated whiteboard videos in the near future. The film combines animations and camera-shot footage including a video testimonial featuring Ged Hull of Hull Jady, a leading Wigan-based accountancy company.

Film No. 5

Animation produced for GSB Sign Ltd – health and safety signage

An animated project produced for Gemma Shaw-Binns of GSB Signs Ltd in March, 2014. GSB Signs Ltd. produces very high quality signage for the NHS, Schools, the manufacturing and chemical industries and public utilities.

Film No. 6

One of two animations produced for ACR, a leading building services provider

ACR is a leading building services company with an international reputation. This is their first whiteboard project and project number 2 followed soon after. This video was instrumental in securing a major contract for Open Door Multimedia from a local Solicitors.

Film No. 7

One of 4 projects produced for Keith Irwen of Leviosa UK Ltd., a supplier of CRM solutions

Leviosa UK Ltd. is a leading supplier of ACT!
Customer Relationship Software which is acknowledged as the leading CRM solution for small to medium sized businesses.

Film No. 8

Animation for the Focus Insolvency Group – a simple project with graphics, music and text

I produced this project for Focus Insolvency in the late summer of 2014. I think this was the very first whiteboard animation that I went public with and Focus really liked it. Mainly text-based with the logo and some background music – a great value option for any company who wants to take a step into using video on a website.

Film No. 9

An animation for Creative Neuro Rehab – which provides support for people with an acquired brain injury

Andrea Matthews runs Creative Neuro Rehab and works with people who have an acquired brain injury. This was one of my very early whiteboard animations – very simple and great value for a new business, but I had already started to experiment. I got Andrea to record her own voice over on an iPhone.

Film No. 10

One of two animations produced for Friends of Families in Wigan – Facilities available from Olympic House, Platt Bridge, Wigan

Friends of Families is a Wigan based charity with premises in Platt Bridge. I have worked with them before so it was great when they took advantage of an amazing animation offer that I launched in the autumn of 2014. Gladys and Sue wanted to promote Olympic House which is a really nice base that local groups and professionals can book.

Film No. 11

A hybrid project with animation and camera shot footage combined in a single project.

This film features Think Ahead’s Dragon Boat Racing Event which is held every year. Most of the content is camera-shot footage of the event but it starts with some whiteboard animation and it shows how this can help to bring added life and creativity to a promotional project.

Film No. 12

JSM Bakery Consultants – Another hybrid project – multiple messages via camera shot footage and animation.

A film produced for David and Jane Dearden of JSM Bakery Consultants is another example of what I call a hybrid animation – one that contains both animated content and camera-shot footage and photography. This is a combination that really works well. It is quite different to most animated projects because it allows featured individuals and companies to present themselves in a more personalised way and deliver powerful, targeted messages.

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