You wouldn’t have to be genius to know that these guys probably weren’t a bricklayer and a Chartered Accountant but…..

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A couple of weeks ago as a birthday present I had a trip to London and a three day walkabout with the camera. As previously reported I photographed a 6′ 3″ Russian model in Notting Hill on day one and in a statistically impossible way I saw her again the next day outside Tate Modern. She was being photographed by a pro. photographer and as I was waiting to say hello again I bumped into the two people in today’s featured pic. They turned out to be Josyara, a Brazilian singer and Liniker a Brazilian trans woman singer who was in the U.K. to do a show at Glastonbury. And as I said in the title they probs. weren’t going to be working in construction or in offices but you never know. And it’s always good to get a little bit of diversity and celebrity in my photographs.

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