Young, Gifted and Black

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It was off to Manchester a couple of days ago for a day out with the camera and a pal who comes from the fishing side of my back story. I photographed an Italian lady on a couch in Central Library – she was reading while her daughter was fast asleep next to her – nice picture, back lit, loads of contrast. And in the next little alcove was another couple – sitting on a couch reading together in the sunshine – reading in a library – how mad is that?

Then it was back on the streets where I photographed a young black woman with enormous hair – so glad she stopped and a young Italian couple. Stefano loved the photographs “……..Thank you so much, they are really beautiful” – bless! A present from a random old bloke with a camera – welcome to Manchester.

And then it was over to Victoria to meet up with friend and associate Peter Gibson of Pete Gibson Media. He was with Tash – Tasherelle Jones-Hoyes……. a talented, young writer. Together they are “Young, Gifted and Black”. So we did a quick and “streety” photo session with her. Peter was wearing a brown velvet jacket (model’s own) and he assured me that they are again the height of fashion for men of a certain age. Good luck to Tash.

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